We are engaged in the sale of already operating online stores, which bring a constant profit of $100 per day
An asset that does not take up much of your time, but will bring you a constant passive profit.
Ready shop
Open an already operating business that successfully brings a passive profit.
Get an online store, which has already invested money and made mistakes. All that is needed for this is to leave an application for a commercial offer.
Get an exclusive offer
Right now, you have the opportunity not to make mistakes, but to get a business that has successfully developed over 2 years.
We carefully select businesses before they are offered to our customers
What you get
Every day we work hard to make our clients' lives better and happier
Working business
We use 5-level quality control of the selection of the finished business, so that our customers are confident and calm in buying a working business.
Get details
Escort of the transaction
We will take over the technical implementation of the online store and for 3 days we will re-create the store in your name. As a result, you will receive a ready-made business for you + bonuses from the BR team (business courses and other useful materials)
Submit your application
Start getting a stable income
On the phone we will tell you all the details and subtleties of business, and send an exclusive commercial offer to the post office
Meet our leaders
The most intelligent people work every day to provide the best service to our customers
Eva Chernykh
Quality Department
Eva is the voice of our brand. She spends hours helping our customers feel the care and pleasure of our company's service.
Alexander Davydov
Director of Development
Alexander is the father of our main goals and values. He founded a team of business brokers and helped them show their unique talents in the process of work.
Dmitry Nilov
Technical Director
Dmitry cares about everything that you can see. He spent five years in London teaching visual communication. He uses his knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.
Start to receive a constant profit in a week from the time of the call!
Online store - an asset that will not take away from you a lot of time, but it will bring you a constant profit.
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3 reasons to have your own online store
Free time
A business that does not take away a lot of time, and almost all tasks are easily delegated to employees.
Permanent profit
The store runs 24/7, which itself moves forward and converts people - into buyers.
Reliable investment
The right online store is an asset that only grows in value. You can attract investments to it or at any time sell it as a ready-made business.
A good investment for an entrepreneur
The profitability of online stores is several times higher than that of regular offline stores.
Even at the expense of one rent of a premise, an offline business loses in profitability. Over the past 3 years, the audience of Internet transactions has grown 4-fold, people have become more active in buying goods in online stores.
Are you ready to start
your online store within 10 days , with all the technical
implementation we will undertake

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Send you a PDF file with a full description of the business and in 15 minutes you will get a full understanding of the project
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